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4 Rules That Actually Work If You’re Trying To Achieve Weight Loss

Weight loss is not an easy topic to discuss. There are literally many things that can impact your journey to losing weight. The interesting part is that the ways to lose weight or gain weight is endless. You have to exercise, eat well, manage your habits, and be more aware of what you’re eating.

Looking at the bigger picture, those are probably the biggest topics when it comes to losing weight: Regular exercise, following a good diet plan, making sure you are eating correctly, and practicing mindful eating.

You see these articles literally everywhere.

So without further ado, in this article we will go over the 4 simple tricks that can be added to any diet to help when you’re feeling bloated or stuck, or just want to feel… better. Try one on for size or adopt them all—these small changes can jumpstart your weight loss, wherever you are in your journey.


In a study comparing groups who ran or cycled for 30 versus 60 minutes a day, the half-hour group dropped 33 percent more weight and spent 20 percent more time being active later in the day. Since we are programmed to conserve cals, when we burn lots of them through exercise, our bodies may hoard them later—by moving less and eating more.

So, two options: Cap your cardio at 30 minutes, four times a week. Or if you love a longer workout, keep moving later in the day to ensure your metabolism hums.


People who eat them tend to be slimmer than those who don’t. Why? These sturdy carbs require extra energy to break down. Their fiber also traps some of their cals, whisking them out of your body before they can be stored away as fat.

Shoot for several servings a day, and sneak whole grains into snacks and desserts, says Amy Gorin, R.D., a nutritionist in New York City. “Add oats into smoothies or put a healthier spin on rice pudding by swapping in brown rice for white.”


We’ve long been told to eat frequently, in small amounts, to level blood sugar. But a new study found those who ate fewer, larger meals weighed less. How so? You burn more cals processing a larger meal than lots of little ones. Stick to noshing breakfast, lunch, and a small dinner, says study coauthor Gary Fraser, M.D., a professor of medicine at Loma Linda University in California.


“That means you’re eating with your eyes rather than listening to your body’s satiety cues,” says Erin Palinski-Wade, R.D., author of The Belly Fat Diet for Dummies. “You almost always end up eating more than your body needs.”

Forgo the last 10 percent of each meal by leaving a few bites on your plate. Nutritionists estimate this trims almost 200 calories a day, helping you ax 10 pounds in six months.

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