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Top 7 Fruits To Burn Fat Fast


In addition to nourishing you, fruits can be your best allies in the fight to burn fat and speed up the metabolism. Take advantage of its powerful content in water, minerals, antioxidants and, above all, soluble fiber, which helps the body to absorb less fat. Look what you have this quality and incorporate them into your daily diet.


Not for nothing was the fruit that tempted Adam and Eve. The apple is a fruit rich in water and pectin, an ideal component to detoxify the body and melt the fat, also has a diuretic effect, provides fiber and amino acids, generates satiety and helps digestion. According to a study by the University of Iowa in the USA, ursolic acid present in the shell helps to prevent weight gain.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that fruits are an essential component of a healthy diet, and a sufficient daily intake could contribute to the prevention of major diseases, such as cardiovascular and some cancers. They estimate that 1.7 million lives could be saved every year if their consumption were increased enough.


The pomegranate juice and seeds are great allies when it comes to losing weight. A study by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, found that eating it for 30 days is enough to decrease stomach fat cells. The prestigious Natural Standard site reports that pomegranate could stimulate weight loss in obese postmenopausal women, although more research is needed before a conclusion can be drawn

Do you eat enough fruit?

A WHO report reports that insufficient intake of this food group is one of the 10 leading risk factors for mortality worldwide. Its absence produces approximately 19% of the gastrointestinal cancers, 31% of the heart disease and 11% of the cerebrovascular accidents.


Intense red, sweet and acidic at the same time, strawberries are an excellent source of fiber, are rich in water and allies perfect for control and weight loss. Also they are full of vitamins and minerals, and its caloric contribution is very low. To this quality is added its high diuretic power that acts as purifying the body to eliminate toxins and prevent the accumulation of rasa in the body.


Kiwi is an excellent source of vitamin C. According to a study by the State University of Arizona in the US, people who consume adequate amounts of vitamin C can oxidize 30% more fat by doing normal exercise, as it stimulates the role of carnitine, a substance that helps cells burn fat for energy.


Grapefruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins and is a very popular fruit in dieting diets because of its diuretic power. A large grapefruit has only 104 calories and provides calcium, potassium, and vitamins, is a good source of fiber and antioxidants. According to a study from the Scripps Clinic in San Diego, California, grapefruit contains substances that prevent the body from storing fat, in addition to improving metabolism.


Cranberries are not only a great source of antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and fiber, a study from the University of Maine in the USA showed that consumption of cranberry (2 cups per day) for 8 weeks improved diseases associated with the metabolic syndrome and lower lipid (fat) index. Its benefits should be due to its high content of anthocyanins, substances that help to burn fat naturally.


In addition to being rich in water, the most beneficial substance This fruit is pectin, an ideal component to detoxify the body. A study in Brazil found that women who consumed pears were less likely to overeat and also lost more weight than those who did not. # 10 pineapple is not only delicious, it is also healthy and nutritious, and contains a substance called bromelain, an enzyme found in its juice and in the stem that according to the Clayton College of Natural Health, helps to burn fat, thanks to working together with other digestive enzymes to activate the metabolism and eliminate fat without letting it accumulate.

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